Friday, 16 April 2010

Week 13

16/4/10 - This week's post is quite late, seeing as progress did not start until today. I managed to animate the low poly model for Bea, and tested her and the other bees (which I had to re-rig for UV mapping reasons) in Unity. I also animated Harry the jet-plane ant; I'm hoping to render each of the low poly character animations and show them alongside the static turnarounds of the high poly versions for my showreel submission.

17/4/10 - I made some videos! Rendering takes a long time.

Quick collection video of everybody's idle animation.

A fly-through of the level without any characters.

Having created these videos, I have thought a little more about what will be in each of the final submission film clips. At the moment I am aiming for one video of low poly characters, one video of high poly characters, one video which shows fly-throughs of the level comparing low and high poly characters (either side by side or one after the other) and another which shows a compilation of tech demoes. Of course, this is subject to change as some clips could perhaps be strung together or played simultaneously.

I will be submitting my high-poly character turnarounds and perhaps the level fly-through for the first showreel submission.

Today I also decided to sketch out an example HUD for the game, based on other iPhone games such as Assassin's Creed, Inkvaders, iDracula and Castle of Magic. Below is a lovely sketchy depiction of a possible layout, and the images I used as examples.

I am pretty sure we'd be using dual analogue controls for moving and shooting; I will run this design past Abi for any suggestions as to colour scheme, shapes etc. but I think this looks okay. It's the first time I've tried interface/HUD design and it was very exciting! I am keen to use Illustrator for the final graphics, which should be fun :)

18/4/10 - Here is the first level demo video, complete with moving bees and enemies:

I can take this video, put an HUD on as an overlay and publish it as the example of low poly characters. Once the high model of Bea is finished I will render a second video of the same level, replacing the models with renders.

This is a mini version of the video I will be submitting tomorrow for the short showreel. I sped up the flapping of the bees' wings on request from Abi; also note that Bea is not present in this video since her high poly version is not yet finished.

This evening I spent a little time in Illustrator creating HUD items. They're not all done yet; the more complex shapes might cause me some difficulty. Here's a little screenshot demo:

Yay, clean shapes! :)

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