Monday, 26 April 2010

Week 15

26/4/10 - I started the week by opening the dissertation again; I am working on compiling the (rather extensive) list of figures. I plan to complete this and the reference list for the end of the week, so as to have a definitive 'first draft'.

I also aim to look at getting a hold of more tech demos from the programmers, as well as thinking out designs for the poster and business cards.

27/4/10 - More work on the dissertation today. I started writing the reference list, and have completed the literature section. Next up is the *massive* games section to write; once this is over I will read the whole thing through again and see what else needs tidying up.

I have compiled a video which chronicles our programming progress between late March and last Friday; obviously this video is full of placeholders and tech demos, making it less attractive than the others; but at the same time it is more informative and interesting.

I will continue adding to this video until submissions, since we are still working on the game every Friday and it is important to show the context of my project.

28/4/10 - More dissertation work today, mostly concerning the video game reference list. I managed to complete it and will perform a comprehensive check on the entire document tomorrow.

29/4/10 - No progress today (I'm in London! I have an excuse), so I figured I would stick up this draft poster design that I've had for a few days but wasn't going to post.

I quite like this design, but since I shoved it together the honeycomb is a bit offset - obviously I will make a tidier version if I don't change my mind. I'm happy with the colour scheme and general layout since both the low and high detail models are present; the poster also reflects the technical nature of my investigation.

1/5/10 - Progress and submission checklist.

Dissertation: completed draft, needs to be checked but is passable for a 1st draft submission.
Videos: complete, but with room for more to be added if necessary.
Poster: draft design passable, but a final needs to be made.
Business cards: not yet designed.
Report, artist's statement and promo synopsis: not started.
Promotional DVD: cannot be started until previous works are complete and approved.

My aim for next week is to further refine the project work and dissertation, design business cards and write the artist statement and promotional synopsis.

2/5/10 - On the train journey back I wrote up the Artist's Statement and Promotional Synopsis for the Professional Practice module; I am not sure how long each one would be, but reckoned I should at least write something and ask about it later.

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