Monday, 3 May 2010

Week 16

3/5/10 - Drafted a design for the business cards, front and back.

I just opted for something simple that would match the aesthetic of my folio (on the front) and the project (on the back). Lifting from the poster design seemed to work quite well.

4/5/10 - Finished touching up the poster. Minimal changes: a different font and slight tidying of the hexagons. I was always happy with the original design :)

5/5/10 - today was the degree show meeting as usual, which took up a large part of the day. Afterwards I put together my materials for the Interface group: my details and widescreen films in the correct format. It is very important that my work is complete and ready ASAP, because it is my duty to put together the final showreel between May 14th and 19th (with my presentation on the 17th).

Since there is so very little time left, I am working under the assumption that the videos I currently have will be the ones I submit - I am happy with this. The first two videos are complete and it will be easy to add a final tech demo to the third video after this week's development day if I choose to; however, the video is already a good length and can be submitted as it is.

My main focus at the moment is on collecting the right work to submit on time; as I mentioned, next week is essentially going to be off limits. I may even start to write my report for Professional Practice this weekend. Tomorrow and Friday will be taken up with game development.

6/5/10 - We developed today in preparation for our meeting tomorrow; the level meshes were exported for Unity and the tutorial level assets were implemented. I updated my tech demos video, which can be seen below.

There is now more footage of a complete tutorial level; unfortunately we were unable to implement level 1 today, but here is what the mesh looked like:

This mesh was exported as a single object; there is also a large dandelion in the layout but this needs to be exported seperately as it has a very high polycount.

7/5/10 - I checked and printed my draft dissertation, ready for submission on Monday. I also printed the learning contracts to get them approved and signed ASAP, and started writing my report for Professional Practice. I plan to sort every submission into folders soon just so that I can track my progress - whilst keeping an eye on a suitable cut-off point for the last tech demo, that is.

8/5/10 - I decided to make a promotional showreel for my project: one video which includes all the work I've done, as well as a couple of the technical clips. I think some sort of showreel is required for Professional Practice, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to have one anyway - so here it is!

Music: Veridis Quo by Daft Punk, naturally.

Also designed a simple sleeve for the CD cases I'll be using - it's not a big deal but keeps with the theme of the poster. Could probably be jazzed up a little if I have the time.

I'm still working on collecting things together for submission, whilst trying not to forget about relevent submissions for the degree show such as Interface, poster image files etc.

9/5/10 - I looked over the dissertation one last time before making it into a PDF for emailing tomorrow. I've also worked on making sure each of the videos I want to submit is in the right format (ie .mov for everything but the Interface submission) and generally keeping things up to date. I posted on degree show Ning to make some comfirmations about our final deadlines for the showreel.

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