Monday, 10 May 2010

Week 17

10/5/10 - Okay! So the work is essentially done. This week will be about preparing my presentation and submitting things for the degree show. I will also need to buy some CD cases and pretty folders for coursework submissions.

But as far as the project work goes, I feel like I am pretty much done. Perhaps there will be a more interesting technical game progress video at the end of the week.

11/5/10 - Received the draft disseration back and will be working on that for the rest of the week; also need to re-work one of the learning contracts. Made my submission to the Interface group today, and will be preparing submissions for 2 of the 3 modules to hand in on Friday.

12/5/10 and 13/5/10 - Worked away at preparing for submissions on Friday, finished making the powerpoint slideshow for Monday, did most of the work needed for the dissertation.

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